Because the most senior managers are totally out of touch.

The majority of students in our schools behave well. They understand the behaviour expected of them by their teachers and generally act responsibly.

We aim to ensure that every public school has a safe and orderly learning environment. This is best achieved by creating an atmosphere in the school where students are actively engaged in the curriculum and are provided with interesting ways to learn; where they feel cared for by school staff and develop a sense of belonging to the school; and where teachers know them well, build on their strengths and encourage them to persist with tasks until they succeed. In short, students are more likely to behave well if they are in an environment where they feel respected and capable.

We know that if school staff are able to create such an ethos then many potential behaviour problems will be prevented. The crux of successful behaviour management is acting to meet students’ needs rather than simply reacting when they misbehave.

The teachers who are most effective approach student behaviour in a particular way. Firstly, they understand that behaviour is learned, and so with those students who regularly misbehave they see their job as helping those students learn more productive and responsible behaviour. Secondly, they understand that behaviour is influenced by the situation in which it occurs, and so they act to change the student’s behaviour by altering some aspects of the classroom situation. Thirdly, they know that misbehaviour serves a purpose for each student, and so they take action to enable students to find ways of belonging in more socially acceptable ways.

In other words, we want our staff in schools to view student behaviour in educational terms, and have educational strategies to manage it, rather than trying to understand it as a mental health professional might.

 Leftist eduspeak that places responsibility for student behaviour on the teacher rather than the student.


2 thoughts on “WHY DO TEACHERS LEAVE? #2

  1. Student behaviour, indeed the behaviour of humans in general, has been subject to a process of “pathologisation” over recent decades. [Witness the massive size of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V (DSM V) that is a compendium of increasing and invented human “conditions”.] That is the Left SJW types, especially the plague of social and welfare workers [so-caller professions on need of disasters to justify their own existence], look to find medical-psychological causes for nearly all human behaviour. That rationale excuses parents and others from having to teach correct behaviour to their bratty children,e.g. Oppositional Defiant Disorder [ODD] for very, very,very naughty and often spoiled brats.

    Every one needs “treatment” now and Lawyers love DSM V in court as they use it to get their criminal clients off charges stemming from their criminal behaviour. My own experience with several thousand behavioural cases [mostly intellectually impaired children and adults] over forty years is that the problem was not their developmental condition,but that they had never been taught how to act in a civil manner. As for ODD children, we used to get stuck into their behaviour and [belatedly] toddler-tame them. Nowadays the behavioural model is “out” as the SJWs believe it is an intrusive infringement on the Human Rights of the poor brat who suffers a “condition” which just needs treating and love and sympathy.

    We used to take the view that behaviour could be changed through systematic learning. Nowadays it is clear that the SJWs believe it is fixed – we have returned to the old medical model and abandoned the developmental model. The use of medication for behavioural use, which the SJWs decry, is thus increasing.


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