Perth lawyer Francesca Bucolo is disappointed with tailored clothing:

Ms Bucolo, was sold the merino wool suit by a sales representative for the Canada-based company in May last year but claims it arrived at least two sizes too big for her, with puckering on stitch lines and an “angular” hem on the skirt.

“It was probably a size 14, it was swimming on me. I’m a size 10 bottom and eight top so alarm bells were ringing at that stage,” she told PerthNow.

Four months later, Ms Bucolo sued the company, claiming it failed to meet consumer guarantees and was not made to “a standard a reasonable consumer could expect taking into account the price”.

The matter was settled out of court, Ms Bucolo accepting “a 50 per cent refund on the suit and several tailored shirts from the company.”

Ms Bucolo has now received the promised shirts plus an extra:

“Everyone was absolutely outraged,” Ms Bucolo said.

“I was told that I could wear it on social occasions (and) it was a personal gift from the president (of the company). It’s pretty disgusting.”

The outrageous shirt was adorned with ejaculating penises; throw it out if you don’t like it.

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