According to the ABC, the fat are “trapped inside their own bodies; isolated, depressed and misunderstood.” It’s a social problem, not a personal problem:

“You can’t get any help from the Government or the community, there needs to be more facilities and more support.”

I understand that the fat consume excessive calories.

Fatsos seem to expect a government-funded, armed personal trainer who’ll keep them out of the fridge and pantry and order them off the couch for yet another walk around the block.

I’m not exactly slim but this is to be expected considering I’m slothful, relish fatty foods and drink too much beer. When at the shops I often amuse myself by scanning the trolleys of fatties; needless to say their shopping lists weren’t written with the food pyramid in mind – lots of soft drinks, meats, sweets and assorted snacks.

If the fat seriously want to get on top of a weight problem, they should eat sensibly. To assist their efforts they should consider throwing out the forks.


  1. I went to live in the USA in 1977 and was horrified on my first trip to a supermarket at the size of the back ends of very many women. [The men weren’t too far behind.] I was also aghast to see that skin-tight Bermuda shorts were all the rage in summer time for said women; they were frightening to see from behind as they waddles along. Of course in northern parts of the USA the winter climate tends to discourage some [read: lazy] people from pursuing out door activities somewhat, but many do venture out for exercise. The dietary habits were also a source of amazement. Being a physical educator and competitive athlete all my life and having an enormous appetite due to training about 25-30 hours a week I was notorious for eating everything I could, but I was still 5-8% body fat. I was amazed to find that the normal serves in US restaurants were so large that even I could not finish them. Clearly there are some fat people who have a primary medical problem, but most fat people eat too much and exercise too little. Gluttony kills them eventually through a combination of diseases, especially diabetes and cardio-vascular disease. Australia has caught up with the US “fat” lifestyle.


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