A Darwin school operates a unique and educationally – not to mention practically – valuable program which has students prepare food for and man the canteen:

The school canteen is part of a program that teaches year nine students basic cooking and business skills.

The class runs four days a week in the public school’s industrial kitchen, which has seen about 1,000 students over 10 years make everything from sandwiches to Thai curries.

The class is run by Lorraine Kerrigan, a former food trainer who grew weary of high-pressure commercial kitchens.

“The beauty of this is that the kids do all the cooking,” Ms Kerrigan laughed.

“I give them all the ingredients and tell them what to do. It’s a great thing to see kids get hands-on experience.”

The story mentions three offered food items, two of which – garlic bread and ham and cheese croissants – are not allowed to be sold by Northern Territory school canteens. The government must intervene immediately, thereby teaching the students an invaluable lesson on meddlesome, nanny state bureaucratic idiocy.

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