Absolute delight on the left as conservative provocateur and self-described “dangerous faggot” Milo Yiannopoulos is exposed as an enthusiastic supporter of sex with children:

“A new political position is needed for there are significant political struggles at stake. First, we have three legal/social questions to win: custody rights for gay men and lesbians; the legal right of paedophiles and their young lovers; and finally the sexual rights of children.

“The current paedophilia debate then is crucial to the political processes of the gay movement: paedophiles need our support, and we need to construct the child/adult sex issue on our terms.”

That’s actually Gary Dowsett, apparently La Trobe University’s Professor/Deputy Director, Chair in Sex, Health and Society, in the quarterly journal Gay Information which provides “information and ideas as a stimulus for thought and a catalyst for action”.

Professor Dowsett’s views have apparently cost him nothing while Yiannopoulos’s less extreme views have cost him dearly. Funny old world, ain’t it?

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