Lefties argue it’s impossible for whites to suffer racism. They’re wrong, of course:

Jokes about red heads might just seem all fun and games, but it’s no laughing matter for one French photographer whose exhibition is aiming to tackle the prejudice known as Gingerism. 

“It’s a form of racism that has persisted for centuries,” says French photographer Pascal Sacleux, a red-head himself, whose series of portraits of 30 ginger-haired people has caught the attention of French people.

Ranges are just like everyone else. I was once married to heavily-freckled, auburn-haired woman who was totally normal. Trust me …

One thought on “RECESSIVE RACISM

  1. I was refused a primary teaching job in northern Florida 1980 when in the USA because I was “not black” according to the very honest school Principal. He [privately] apologised to me, telling me that I was by far the best candidate, but his school board wanted more “ethnic” teachers, especially blacks. I soon returned to Australia where I knew I would be employed based on ability, not skin colour. Years later …!


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