“Journalist, financial educator and advocate for women and finance” Bianca Hartge-Hazelman provides the latest Workplace Gender Equality Agency gender pay gap figures:

Overall, Australian women who work full time are now paid 16 per cent less on average than men, an improvement on last year’s 17.2 per cent gap. Put another way, women are earning 84c for every dollar earned by a man for the same number of hours

Hartge-Hazelman fails to mention, however, that the WGEA provides the following disclaimer (my bold):

The national gender pay gap based on AWE is a symbol for the overall position of women in the workforce. It does not show ‘like-for-like’ pay gaps, that is employees working in the same or comparable roles, nor determine or explain the causes of any differences in earnings between women and men.

The reason the “like-for-like” pay gap isn’t addressed is simple: males and females performing the same job for an equal number of hours typically receive the same pay. There is no gap.

One thought on “GAP CRAP

  1. The last few words give the game away. They talk about the difference women are “paid” and “pay” gaps, but at the end they talk of “earnings”.
    And as we know, “earnings” are not the same as “pay”.

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