“Workforce diversity specialist” Conrad Liveris enlightens Fairfax readers:

The few hundred thousand men who work in mining saw their average weekly earnings rise by $57.50 in 2016.

And for their women peers?

It must have been something similar, right? Maybe it was slightly more?

Actually, the average full-time woman working in mining saw her wages go up $0.20 in 2016.

A “few hundred thousand men” do not work in mining; as at 30 June 2015 total mining employment was  173,388 and continuing to decline. And without a source for the alleged pay rise differential, the figures must be considered bogus.

Weeding out discrimination in the [mining] industry and across WA is taking its sweet time. In case it wasn’t obvious, West Australian women are being denied equal opportunities.

No they aren’t, woman typically make different employment choices.

Despite being paid less, which is the ultimate form of disrespect, women are being relegated to casual work and are more likely to be denied full-time jobs.

Hardly the ultimate in disrespect of a female, Conrad.

To be an independent woman – as Beyoncé told us we should be – is harder in Western Australia than in any other state. Without equal pay for equal work and access to secure jobs, these issues will plague us.

Conrad, unusual name for a woman but then it’s also unusual for anyone to take life-advice from Beyoncé who also suggests “put a ring on it”, which in Conrad’s case should be “put a sock in it”. And should Conrad do some research – something she seems averse to – she’ll find that right round Australia men and women get equal pay for equal work.

A denial of opportunity – at home, at work and throughout our community – on the basis of gender is more than discriminatory, shows a contempt and disdain for women.

Disrespect, contempt and disdain: we have a trifecta.

This can take us to a darker place. Over the past five years sexual harassment has gone up 20 per cent in our state compared to a national increase of 12 per cent. And WA has one of the higher rates of domestic violence.Despite this incredibly gloomy picture, I remain hopeful that WA can achieve gender equality.

Did Conrad pull those figures out of her butt? No matter, it is uncertain if actual sexual harassment and assault are on the rise or whether reporting has increased.

Con by name, con by nature.

Update: I’m old and easily confused; in which direction is Conrad transitioning?

Conrad Liveris

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