A man who seized a female soldier’s weapon at Orly airport before announcing he was prepared to “die for Allah” has been accommodated:

The man, identified as 39-year-old Ziyed Ben Belgacem, apparently intending to open fire on passengers, a prosecutor said. Two colleagues on patrol with the female soldier shot and killed the man before he could fire the military weapon in the busy airport terminal.

Belgacem’s motive is a mystery:

Police did not provide a motive for the attack, but the Paris prosecutors office said an investigation is being handled by the anti-terror division. The suspect’s father and brother were detained by police Saturday, which police said is part of standard procedure.

Stopped first by police in Paris’ northern suburbs early Saturday morning for speeding and driving without lights, Belgacem opened fire with a revolver, wounding an officer, Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said, adding that the shooter was “known to the police and intelligence.” 

Belgacem then threatened people in a bar before stealing a car at gunpoint and driving to the airport.

Fortunately for jihadis, Allah has an unlimited supply of reward virgins. On the other hand, an unlimited supply diminishes their value.

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