Progressives, so named because they support advancement through change, support maintenance of the status quo when it suits. And so it is that the progressive media opposes changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act allowing Australian’s greater freedom to speak freely, deeming the changes a “watering down”.

Malcolm Turnbull has won the support of his MPs and Senators to water down race hate protections in the Racial Discrimination Act …

Today, the government seems one step closer to watering down the Racial Discrimination Act.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has rejected suggestions his government is watering down race-hate laws in the interest of freedom of speech.

The federal government will move to water-down rate-hate laws in the interest of freedom of speech.

“I demand that those people that want to water down 18c come out here, face the media, face the Australian people and say what is it that you can’t say today that you will be able to say if you water down 18c.”

Protections could be watered down on day dedicated to eliminating racial discrimination.

We have to join with those fighting against the watering down of section 18C, including ethnic councils, Aboriginal, Muslim, and Jewish groups, and others who know and are feeling the lash of racism and other abuse already.

Coalition MPs are considering watering down race-hate speech on Harmony Day – which celebrates diversity, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

But let’s be clear the internal crusade to water down the RDA protections has also been encouraged by external cheerleaders.

Opposition Leader Bill Shortenasks Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull why he has chosen “today, of all days” to water down protections against racial discrimination.

The decision to water down 18C of the discrimination act. Has sparked fierce opposition.

The government’s decision to water down race hate protection laws could cost it up to six seats due to a backlash from ethnic groups, even though the changes will never become law, party insiders have warned.

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