Were there not a market for “embarrassing tripe” Fairfax would have fallen off the perch years ago.

Since Ford brought up offal, here’s her latest Daily Life offering:

The Grand Prix returns to Melbourne this weekend, bringing car fumes, noise pollution and the celebration of a sexist bygone era that is Grid Girl culture.

Cool, rape culture and Grid Girl culture can be imaginary playmates.

This year though, the latter of these things comes with a twist: 2017’s Grand Prix Grid Girls will now be dressed in ‘classier’ costumes, presumably as part of a pre-emptive strike against articles just like this one.

It should be “last”, not “latter”; latter refers to the second of a group of two, the first being the former. Dumb arse.

Yes, those running Formula One were probably worried the season would collapse but for a pre-emptive strike on a mighty – mighty complainy and whiny – Melbourne feminist.

Forgive me for being a little Helen Lovejoy here, but what message is being sent by continuing to employ women as decorative objects against the backdrop of male achievement, particularly at events that tout themselves as “family friendly”?

The grid girls are this year dressed smartly and discreetly in gear any primary school teacher could wear to work so “family friendly” isn’t a problem.

A symbol of sexist inequality doesn’t stop being so just because you put it in a “classier” outfit. Take away the frippery and fabric and you’re left with nothing more than a well worn reminder of what role the majority of women are expected to occupy in the world of motorsports.

“Take away the frippery and fabric and you’re left with nothing more than” naked grid girls. I’m no F1 fan but I’d pay to see that. By the way, “frippery” is unnecessary ornamentation, which isn’t evident in the photos I’ve seen. Learn to use a dictionary, idiot.

Ford wants more women in motorsports, which is a perfectly reasonable desire. She shouldn’t just sit back and whine, she should have a go to, you know, show fellow females how it’s done. But not even half a dozen guys with crowbars and a crane would be able to stuff her into one of those tiny F1 cockpits. There is, however, a motorsport with the wide open spaces and meaty torque to accommodate her robustness.

Should motorsport not be to her liking, there is a female sport she’d undoubtedly excel at. You go girl.

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