Clementine Ford expresses concern for Sydney schoolboys after Mark Latham speculates one of them is gay and collectively labels them dickheads:

Here’s Ford two weeks ago on the very same boys:

So I was unsurprised when a pro-feminist video made by prefects from Sydney Boys High School for this year’s International Women’s Day amassed a significant number of shares in a very short period of time. Predictably, the video was accompanied by glowing language and ardent praise for the boys involved. Wasn’t it fantastic that they were standing up for women like this?

Well, sure. It’s better than the rape threats and abuse that schoolboys often seem to throw about the internet … but is it really an amazing project deserving of heartfelt praise and gratitude?

“[Last year], female students at Sydney Girls allege they were hounded, harassed and threatened with rape [by students at Sydney Boys High, although it’s not suggested these were the same boys in the recent video] after helping to organise a feminist bake-sale to raise awareness about the gender pay gap.”

A bake sale.

So forgive me for not really caring all that much about the sudden “wokeness” of boys who categorically are not forced to suffer the same backlash that their female peers are just for speaking to their actual experiences.

Having portrayed the boys as violent sexual predators – in Ford’s imagination males are always on the lookout for an opportunity to rape – her sudden concern for them is a bit rich. Hypocrite.

Update: Latham crosses the political correctness line and gets fired:

Former Labor leader Mark Latham has been sacked as a commentator by Sky News following outrage over his comments about the sexuality of a Sydney teenager.

Marxist Clementine Ford says whatever she wants and suffers no repercussions.



  1. Yes, but in the case of all Social Marxists and their cohorts, it’s the side, not the message, or the moral ethics, or the lack thereof, that counts.


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