Healing from Toxic Whiteness is “an online program for white people committed to racial justice” and at only US$97 it’s a bargain. Two testimonials from graduates:

“Healing from Toxic Whiteness provides white anti-racists with crucial missing tools for the most challenging aspect of our work – navigating our own emotional reactions when confronted with the realities of white supremacy. These tools help us to work through our knee-jerk tendency to reject ourselves or other white people when we encounter how racism operates through us. With these tools, we can take on one of our most crucial responsibilities – to engage in productive dialogue with those who knowingly or unknowingly defend white supremacy. This program has helped me to become a more effective change agent by becoming more accepting of what is, within me and around me – so that I can be present to it, honor it, and transform it with courageous compassion.” – Lenore

“I joined Healing from Toxic Whiteness because I wanted to act against racial injustice, but felt frustrated because that felt so theoretical to me. This program has opened my eyes to the racism around me and in me, and has allowed me to let go of my sense of guilt, entitlement, and all that goes along with “toxic whiteness.” I can now be closer to others, including people of color, because I am being my real self, and that has been such a gift.” – Aiyana

Always keen on self-improvement I’m going to give it a go, unless I can think of a better way to spend the money.

Update: After 30 seconds deep in thought I’ve opted to alter my consciousness with two cartons of Budějovický Budvar.


  1. The madness of Social Marxism, and Social Justice Warriors in general.

    There are truly no words that can describe such mental dross and diarrhoea.


  2. I read the freakish blurb, all the endorsements are from women. Their problem is not being white, they a simply neurotic nitwits.. And they want to run the world. Shudder


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