A game specifically designed for compassionate, empathetic and neurotic progressives – in fact, anyone on the left – that’s fun, easy to learn, eminently satisfying and requires neither dice nor playing board. Just follow these simple rules:

  1. Select an area of competitive human activity other than sport.
  2. Note a distribution of success.
  3. Identify categories (groups) that are more successful (the winners) and less successful (the victims).
  4. Assert that the competition is rigged, success only achieved through unfair advantage (privilege and oppression).
  5. Be absolutely convinced of the unfair state of play.
  6. Identify with the less successful – you might yourself be a victim.
  7. Channel your resentment by loudly condemning both the “rigged” competition and those who “unfairly” succeed.
  8. Demand reform.
  9. Associate only with like minded people (victims or victim sympathisers).
  10. Bask in the warm glow of your moral superiority.

Play now and you too can revel in the moral superiority currently enjoyed by empty-headed university students, feminists and race-equality activists right round the globe. It’s like getting a social science degree without the hassles.

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