They must be; every man who assaults a woman, or is so much as accused of mistreating a woman known to him, must be subject to “social and economic sanctions”, friends shunning and potential employers refusing to hire him. These evil men must resign themselves to living as hermits, relying on government benefits, forever. Crawl under the nearest sufficiently large rock and stay there.

Or so argues Clementine Ford:

It is immensely distressing to realise that not even criminal convictions for intimate partner violence and threats of murder are enough to prevent some male spaces from remaining inclusive to perpetrators. In fact, violent men and even boys are shielded from the consequences of their actions all over the world, with sporting codes just one example.

Schoolboys caught sharing illegally obtained photographs of their female peers have been defended by their communities and protected by their parents, with a not-insignificant amount of blame being doled out to their victims.

Men in the entertainment industry face little to no industry backlash following allegations of sexual assault, harassment and intimate partner violence. Casey AffleckRoman PolanskiChris BrownWoody AllenMatthew NewtonJohnny Depp – these are all men who’ve been accused of abusive behaviour towards women, yet their careers remain intact. In many of these cases, they continue to win awards and be celebrated as great artists.

Women are obviously a special category of victim deserving of protection by not only the legal system but also society. To be fair, all males who commit crimes against women, intimate partners or otherwise, should be incapable of paying their debts to society and must suffer in perpetuity.

So much for the notion that feminists are seeking equality.

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