Steadfastly refusing to criticise the left’s Muslim allies in the war on western civilisation Clementine Ford seeks to divert attention from Allah-sanctioned oppression of females:

Clemmie defends Islam

Ford attacks America to divert attention from abhorrent Islamic traditions and practices affecting females:

  • Consanguineous marriages resulting in excessive birth defects and high infant mortality;
  • Genital mutilation;
  • Honour killings;
  • Dress restrictions;
  • Polygamy;
  • Restrictions on freedom of movement and association;
  • Forced and arranged marriage;
  • Onerous sexual assault laws;
  • Archaic and brutal punishments: caning, stoning and hanging from cranes;
  • Restrictions on the freedom of speech and a total prohibition on criticising the status quo.

The feminist-Islamist alliance is typical of the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” philosophy and will ultimately result in a huge bloodletting should the alliance succeed in unseating the established order, each side seeking to eliminate the other. Given the left’s naive gross overestimation of its moral authority my money is on the Islamists to emerge the eventual winners.

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