A taxpayer-funded entity asks thousands of people about their life experiences but refuses to disclose the questions.

Curious about the student survey employed by the Strengthening Australian University Responses to Sexual Assault and Harassment Project I emailed project coordinator, the Australian Human Rights Commission, asking for a copy. A week later I submitted a followup:

On 10 April I requested a copy of the project survey instrument. The only response from the AHRC to date is an automatic acknowledgement of email receipt.

What is the status of my request?
A prompt response followed:

Thank you for your email and interest in the university sexual assault and sexual harassment project. At this stage the draft report is in progress and therefore we cannot release the survey tool. The survey instrument will, however, be attached as an appendix to the final report. The report is due to be released publicly later this year.

If you so wish, I am happy to keep your contact details to notify you of the publication of the final report.

After checking the AHRC’s Freedom of Information disclosure log, which revealed a prior  mass release of project documents, I submitted:

Was the survey included in the 782 page document (F2016/43) released on 13 February 2017? If so, you should be able to email me a copy.
A keenly helpful Universities Project Adviser responded:

No, the survey was not included in the documents released on 13 February.

The AHRC ruthlessly seeks to guarantee rights when it comes to freedom from alleged racism and sexism but totally disregards ordinary Australians’ right to freely access information. It’s almost as if it’s trying to hide something.

Update: Background information on the project is here and the American experience being modelled here.

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