Germany experiences a 2016 crime surge:

Of the violent offences recorded, cases of murder, homicide and voluntary euthanasia rose by 14.3 percent, reaching 2,400 cases, according to Bild. Rape and sexual assault increased by 12.8 percent to more than 7,900 cases. Hundreds of women reported sexual attacks on New Year’s Eve 2015-16 in cities like Cologne, mainly by groups of North African men.

No big deal, really:

[Criminal psychologist Rudolf Egg] observed that police statistics have also brought to light immigrant-related crimes in an increased way. Such crimes are not surprising because some immigrants have a “bunch of risk factors” due to their age and social structures: young, single men, without families, poorly integrated, with few professional prospects, who will likely not be permitted to stay in the country. 

No mention of the overriding risk factor: Muslim.

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