Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s Anzac Day post was, according to nominal conservative Joe Hildebrand, “incredibly offensive” but those who demand her sacking from the ABC are acting like free-speech-stifling lefties.

Indigenous journalist Stan Grant pretty much agrees:

Muslim Australian and ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied chose the moment to send a tweet that read: “Lest. We. Forget… (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine…)”

The tweet was branded disrespectful, disgraceful, reprehensible. Her detractors demanded the national broadcaster take strong action, to discipline or even dismiss her.

Abdel-Magied quickly withdrew the tweet and apologised for any offence. Of course, she should have anticipated such criticism.

Abdel-Magied chose Anzac Day to make a political statement, she was seeking to provoke a response. 

Her critics though have seized on the moment to send a wider message, to seek to define what is and isn’t acceptable — what is and isn’t “Australian”.

Fairfax columnist Broede Carmody justifies Abdel-Magied’s prominence at the ABC as the national broadcaster trying to “educate Australians about Islam“. In reality, she has been anything but educational.

In June 2016 Abdel-Magied appeared on ABC’s The Drum. When asked about Islamic hate-preaching as a contributor to “radicalisation”, Abdel-Magied evades the obvious by claiming that young Muslim men are the real victims, “who are fighting for identity in a world that doesn’t accept them”,  who turn on the west because they’re merely “searching for an identity”. (Go to 10:40.)

Then in February 2017 Abdel-Magied asserts, “Islam to me is the most feminist religion.” This despite Sudan-born Abdel-Magied knowing that her country of birth has one of the world’s highest rates of female genital mutilation, a practice surely brought to Australia by Sudanese immigrants.

The ABC employs Abdel-Magied simply because a smiling, attractive female is an effective tool for selling Islam to the public, not because she contributes anything of value. She shouldn’t have been hired and should be fired.

Update: ABC Q&A tweets:

Let’s take a look at Ford’s defence of Abdel-Magied:

When Yassmin Abdel-Magied posted seven simple words on her Facebook page on April 25, she can’t possibly have predicted the furious, frenzied storm of hatred that was about to come her way.

As if the word count mitigates a statement that no sensible person – and especially not a person promoted by the publicly funded national broadcaster as offering a valuable contribution to public discourse – would broadcast on ANZAC Day.

There is no “frenzied storm of hatred” on Abdel-Magied’s Facebook page, which Ford conveniently doesn’t link; that’s Ford grossly overstating reality in an attempt to generate sympathy – I’ve read hundreds of the more than 4,600 comments, most of the negative comments straightforwardly express disgust.

Man-hater Ford then trolls Australian males hoping to create hostile feedback for her to whine about:

Unfortunately for Yassmin, others don’t consider Anzac Day (that special day on the Australian calendar where our citizens manage to combine the solemn observance of a nation’s sacrifice with getting rat-arsed at the pub and pissing in doorways) to be an appropriate time to ‘get political’ and discuss the conflicts continuing today that have killed or displaced millions of people.

Abdel-Magied very quickly edited the second part of her post out and offered a genuine apology for causing offence to those people who consider Anzac Day an untouchable occasion. Despite this, a veritable storm of abuse has been meted out against her in the days since that brings this entire country into disrepute.

Abdel-Magied edited her post only after it was pointed out to her it was disrespectful. Her apology, “I apologise unreservedly”, if genuine, is less than substantial.

All over Abdel-Magied’s public Facebook page and the rest of the internet, you can read comments telling her she ought to be stoned in the street, that she should be deported, that she is an “Islamic piece of shit” who should be “beaten and sodomised”, that she should jump off a bridge, kill herself, that she is an “ugly dog” who should “get ready to be unemployed”, that she is an “Islamic extremist”, that she supports the mutilation of little girls, and that, above all, if she doesn’t like it here in the land of freedom then she can f–k off.

Go to Abdel-Magied’s Facebook page and see for yourself if such comments are “all over” it.

Leftists, and that includes the ABC, have put Abdel-Magied forward as the smiling face of a warm and cuddly Islam while it’s actually intolerant and supremacist, as is the left.

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