Politically incorrect terminology riles idiotic ABC Radio listeners:

Recently, ABC Radio Adelaide Drive presenter Jules Schiller came under scrutiny from his listeners after using the term “third world” when discussing the issue of alcohol poisoning in Bali.

“The tone and the intent of the conversation was not to put down the developing world,” Schiller said.

“I just used a term that many people, not without reason, find offensive.”

The discussion about the poisonings soon got side tracked and the audiences’ focus shifted to that of correct phrasings.

The article then goes almost Breitbart-esque:

This was not an uncommon occurrence in the hyper-vigilant modern world of social media, according to Lauren Rosewarne from the School of Social and Political Sciences at Melbourne University.

She said we were in the midst of what is known as “the call-out culture”; a culture being driven by social justice warriors (SJWs).

“Debates are being hijacked because of a tendency to police language,” Dr Rosewarne said.

So as to not unnecessarily offend snowflakes, Rosewarne employs “call-out culture” rather than use the already well established “politically correct culture”, which she knows isn’t confined to social media:

“Invariably when I am speaking about women in the generic [terms], I will have someone call out to remind me that not all women have vaginas or not all men have penises,” she said.

Rosewarne then goes all naive:

“We are a society with a whole lot of people whose views are different. How do we manage that and how do we all have a voice in that space?”

Dr Rosewarne said those who were called out for the wrong choice of phrasings often abandoned conversations and, ultimately, the causes.

“You are going to get people to opt out of conversations that are really important because they don’t want to be shamed,” she said.

Well duh, shutting down “unacceptable” speech is what social justice warriors live for.

The inclusion of the graphic below, is a pleasant surprise, however:

Social justice warrior meme.
An even bigger surprise would be the ABC providing a realistic take on the regressive left’s ongoing efforts to destroy western society.

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