Canadian parents “misinterpret” a note from teachers informing them that they decided to “celebrate diversity, inclusivity and also nurture our students” by effectively cancelling Mother’s Day.

Canada’s national broadcaster pitches the Trudeau government’s social justice line:

A school in Mission, B.C.’s attempt to be sensitive to students’ feelings has been misinterpreted as an attempt to ban Mother’s Day, says a school official.

Grade 1 and 2 students at Albert McMahon Elementary were handed letters earlier this week informing parents the school would not be making gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day in an effort to celebrate non-traditional families.

Roy Glebe, a parent at the school, posted the letter on his Facebook page on Monday.

It sparked a heated debate about politically correct behaviour in schools which subsequently snowballed into online groups and broader media.

The superintendent of the district, Angus Wilson, has responded by saying the letter was well-intended but communicated poorly.

Mother's Day

A local paper is more forthcoming:

Angus Wilson, superintendent of schools, said he first heard about the note on Wednesday morning.

“This is not a school-district or board-of-education-endorsed initiative,” he told the Mission Record.

Wilson said it was the decision of a small group of teachers at Albert McMahon.

“From a technical standpoint I have to mention that Mother’s Day, as with other holidays, is not actually an official part of the curriculum or any requirement. So teachers deciding to not make observations or activities based around it are not violating any rule or breaking any law,” said Wilson, who added teachers have the autonomy to make decisions about their class.

Wilson also said he thinks many people would like to have had some kind of conversation about this.

“I think people are upset. They sort of wonder if this is really the best direction to go when you are trying to address diversity.”

Teachers encourage parents to be more involved in their children’s education when the last thing leftist teachers really want is parental participation in decision-making.

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