Fun and games on a U.S. campus:

A racist threat against a St. Olaf [College] student that touched off campuswide protests and forced the college to cancel classes earlier this month was a hoax, the school revealed Wednesday.

A student confessed to writing the note, St. Olaf President David R. Anderson wrote in a message to students. The threat — an anonymous, typewritten note — was “fabricated,” he said, as an apparent “strategy to draw attention to concerns about the campus climate.”

There is an upside, however:

For some students, a fake threat doesn’t change the reality of racism, or the positive changes they’ve seen on campus since the protests — including a task force the university pledged to set up to address minority student concerns.

“It’s started something good,” said Daniel Katuka. The St. Olaf senior, who is black, said he hasn’t encountered the sort of racism on campus that he’s experienced in the outside world. But he appreciated the St. Olaf community coming together “in a positive way” in the face of an apparent threat.

And now for the best part of the story:

“Our movement wasn’t about one individual,” said Precious Ismail, a spokeswoman for the campus group, the Coalition for Change on the Hill. “Our movement was about a pattern of institutional racism.”

All snowflakes are precious.

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