An odious Roger Ailes obituary from Clementine Ford:

The 77-year-old founder and former CEO of Fox News had indeed been instrumental in building a wildly profitable centre for propaganda and conservative “patriotism” in the network, but less discussed in post mortem references to his work were the ways in which he chose to “give back” to the women unfortunate enough to have to work for him – that is to say, the numerous allegations of sexual harassment levelled at him in recent years, which ultimately proved so troublesome to the organisation that they resulted in his resignation.

Marxist Ford does not subscribe to democratic legal principles:

The reputations of men (and particularly the reputations of rich, white, heterosexual, cisgender men) are revered in this world. Despite the constant repetition of fears that women can destroy a man’s life with a lie, these reputations are in fact seemingly indestructible. There are still people who believe Bill Cosby is innocent and there are still people who insist Dylan Farrow is simply being manipulated by her mother, Mia Farrow, to get back at Woody Allen for a relationship that ended 30 years ago. There are countless other who’ll reference Polanski’s troubled life as an excuse for his rape of a 13-year-old and others who believe Affleck is the target of a witch hunt because “innocent until proven guilty!”.

The Steubenville rapists were also proven guilty. That night, anchors on CBS news mourned the loss of their “promising futures”.

Obviously obsessed, Ford trots out the Steubenville rape case at every opportunity but the “research retard” can’t correctly refer back to her own earlier writing:

Despite these horrendous facts, when the verdict was reported on CNN yesterday the discussion once again focused on the least relevant part of any case involving rape and sexual abuse – that being the devastating effect the judicial outcome would have on the perpetrators’ lives.

“What’s the lasting effect though on two young men being found guilty juvenile court of rape essentially?” CNN’s Candy Crowley wondered aloud to CNN legal contributor Paul Callan.

There was one CNN anchor, a reporter and an expert commentator, none of whom “mourned the loss of” the boys “promising futures.” It was a breaking news story on the just-in verdict which rightly covered the boys’ tearful reaction, noting that they had effectively destroyed their promising futures.

Any alleged misconduct or criminal acts by anyone other than Ailes is totally irrelevant to events alleged to have occurred in his office. For Ford and group-thinking comrades Ailes is “guilty” of two horrible crimes: sexual harassment and the creation of a successful network offering an alternative to the leftist-dominated mainstream media. No wonder she’s dancing on his grave.

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