The Manchester bombing atrocity rightly draws more notice than events in “moderate, tolerant” Indonesia:

Standing head bowed on a public stage before a jeering crowd, 23-year-old Muhammad Taufik took blow after blow from a yellow cane as the post-noon prayers audience in Indonesia’s Aceh province cheered every stroke.

Taufik’s crime was to have had consensual sex with his 20-year-old medical student partner Muhammad Habibi, whose own punishment and public humiliation followed soon after.

The two young men became the first in modern Indonesian history today to be punished by the state for their homosexuality, and even by the conservative Islamic standards of Aceh province the sentence was steep – 85 lashes each of a rattan cane.

Gay’s weren’t the only ones punished:

Another four heterosexual couples were also caned this morning for displaying affection while being unmarried.

Such is life under sharia law.

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