Committed Christian and former tennis champion Margaret Court, “winner of more major titles than any other player in history”, has run afoul of leftists by announcing she will no longer fly Qantas because of its pro-gay marriage stance.

Martina Navratilova has joined calls for Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne to be renamed after the tennis champion said she would no longer fly with Qantas because of the airline’s stance on same-sex marriage.

Margaret Court, who is now a pastor at Victory Life Church in Perth, wrote an open letter to Qantas in yesterday’s West Australian saying she was disappointed that Qantas chief Alan Joyce had become an active campaigner for same-sex marriage.

Court wrote that she believed in the traditional definition of marriage as stated in the Bible.

“Your statement leaves me no option but to use other airlines [where] possible for my extensive travelling,” she said.

Retired tennis player Navratilova, who is openly gay, responded on Twitter, suggesting that “maybe it’s time to change the name of Margaret Court Arena then”.

Navratilova, who has won 18 grand slam singles titles, later wrote that Court was also on the “wrong side of history”.

Here’s the clincher:

In an article for the Sydney Morning Herald, Peter FitzSimons asked if Melbourne Park wanted to have an arena named after someone who “stands so firmly against such inclusiveness”, saying Court “embarrasses herself”.

The ABC News homepage offers a helpful suggestion:

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 4.25.08 PM

Qantas Boycott Arena has a nice ring to it.

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