The internet mob reacts unfavourably to a street art project:

The Elysium 2481 project is aimed at beautifying a laneway in the northern New South Wales town’s CBD. 

The project includes several brightly coloured murals, a striped painting on the road’s surface, a light installation, and a metallic sculpture.

Co-curator Rebecca Townsend said she was disappointed by the intensity of the negative comments responding to the piece in several public Facebook groups. 

“Facebook gives people a voice who wouldn’t otherwise have one,” she said.

“I think it’s very negative and nasty and I think if any of the artists in this laneway had heard what some of those people had been saying, they would’ve been really upset.

“I think people need to start thinking about the people behind these projects before they rubbish them.

I blame the U.S. president, as does co-curator Townsend:

“It’s bad manners. It’s like the Trump world of bullying and saying what you want.”

Disagree with the left and you must shut the fuck up.

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