Perth primary school teachers – overwhelmingly know-it-all leftists – are meddling in parental food choices:

A number of parents took to social media to discuss how some teachers appeared to be confiscating certain foods from their students because it didn’t fit the school’s health guidelines. 

A parent posted this photo of a note sent home with their child to social media last week.

“Getting really sick of my daughters food being sent home from school!” one parent posted.

“Since when is popcorn not allowed as a snack? It’s not nuts and I personally don’t consider it junk! I have no idea what to put in her bloody lunch box beside a sandwich.”

An interventionist justification:

“In certain instances, you don’t want to be looking after one child who is on a sugar high from their lunchbox,” the teacher said.

There is no proven link between elevated sugar consumption and hyperactive behaviour, or diminished cognitive ability. Teachers should master teaching the basics before expanding their repertoire.

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