An Arabophile Australian academic has nothing to say about Europe’s latest terrorist atrocity but does condemn the coverage:

The highly educated Bridges, a university lecturer – appropriately, he’s a former primary school teacher – and PhD candidate, can’t read and properly interpret a newspaper article easily understood by the average 12 year-old.

More from Bridges:

Scott Bridges' tweets

Bridges difficulty in understanding the straightforward is understandable considering he previously interpreted a brochure for primary for primary students as having sexual intent and imagined soft drink bottles as phallic.

Bridges is famous – infamous, depending on your point of view – as the driving force behind “satirical” blog GrodsCorp, deleted from the internet by Bridges but archived as culturally significant by Pandora, which prohibits, at Bridges’ request, public view for 70 years.

Following his stellar gig at GrodCorp. Bridges moved on to an equally outstanding gig at Crikey blog Pure Poison and then to al Jazeera.

Surely no one is more qualified to educate Australian’s next generation of leftards than Scott Bridges.

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