Some of the fake news we keep hearing about, on the ABC News home page:

‘I expect loyalty’: Comey says Trump told him to back off Flynn probe

The story starts off sensationally:

Former FBI director James Comey has accused US President Donald Trump of trying to get him to water down the bureau’s investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

Mr Trump asked Mr Comey to drop an investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn as part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into whether Moscow meddled in the election, according to testimony from Mr Comey posted on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s website.

What, exactly, was Comey “told” – that is, ordered – to do?

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

A follow-up piece cunningly omits Trump’s benign utterance:

[At the meeting] Mr Comey says Mr Trump told him his sacked National Security Advisor Mike Flynn (who lost his job for misleading Vice-President Mike Pence about conversations with Russia’s ambassador) was a good guy and he hoped he could let the investigation go.

“I had understood the President to be requesting that we drop any investigation of Flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in December,” he wrote.

Mr Comey found the request such a troubling attempt to interfere with his independence that he pleaded with Attorney-General Jeff Sessions to prevent any future one-on-one chats.

“I took the opportunity to implore the Attorney-General to prevent any future direct communication between the President and me,” Mr Comey wrote.

Had he a spine, Comey would have immediately objected to Trump asking him to do something illegal, or even inappropriate. Instead, he asked the Attorney General, who has no such authority, to shield him from future one-on-one interactions with his ultimate boss.

Comey was unsuited to running the FBI, so it’s no wonder Trump fired him.


  1. “Had he a spine, Comey would have immediately objected to Trump asking him to do something illegal, or even inappropriate.”

    Whatismore, if he really thought he was being ordered to drop the investigation, he had a legal obligation to immediately take the matter to the AG. He didn’t because he didn’t.


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