ABC News offers a gender-privilege questionnaire. The greater the number of your yes answers, the greater your privilege:

  • A person of the opposite gender will complete the task for you should you need to change a flat tyre.
  • Your different-gender companion for the evening will offer to pick up the tab.
  • Upon divorce you are guaranteed custody of the children unless your spouse is deemed an unfit parent.
  • In the event of an emergency evacuation – such as from a sinking ship – your gender ¬†will be removed to safety first.
  • Extreme intoxication absolves you of all responsibility for non-consensual sex.
  • Numerous agencies and organisations will eagerly assist should you claim physical, mental or financial abuse by a partner.
  • Persons of your gender are much less likely to be seriously injured or killed at work.
  • Should you not receive a promotion you think you deserve, your accusations of sexism will receive a sympathetic hearing from friends and family.
  • Your gender outlives the other by some five years on average.
  • It is impossible for a rape joke to be funny.

The real, equally meaningless, formulated-by-an-academic questionnaire is here.

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