Theodore Dalrymple’s take on London’s catastrophic public housing fire:

The disastrous fire in Grenfell Tower, a tower block of public housing in London, in which at least 30 and possibly many more people were killed could not have come at a better time for Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition to Theresa May’s Conservative government. Corbyn is a natural hugger of potential voters, whereas May is not—and what establishes the depths of a person’s compassion for victims more indisputably than a hug? Corbyn senses that he is but a compassionate gesture or two away from occupying Number 10 Downing Street. Corbyn says that he is very angry at what happened, which he links to what is known as fiscal austerity—that is, when government spends only 108 percent of tax revenue, instead of the much higher percentage that he favors. He skated over the part played by the public sector in the tragedy, in which the tower took flame and burnt like an Australian forest fire in the dry season.

Read the whole thing.

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