I clearly recall bewilderment at the “colored entrance” tucked away in a side street around the corner from the main entrance to the grandest movie theatre in my home town. My mother explained, without further comment, that “negro” moviegoers must use a separate entrance and sit separately. Things have changed greatly since the 1950s, it being my assumption that racism was a thing of the past. I was wrong, a court ruling revealing that racism is alive and well:

“Rarely have we seen such manifest and open evidence of racial discrimination”, a three-judge panel at the Missouri Court of Appeals said in their ruling.

“The Board unlawfully terminated Wilkins, not due to her competency or ability, but because of the color of her skin,” the appeals court concluded.

Wilkins’ original victory was initially appealed by the university, but it is not clear whether they will challenge again at the Missouri Supreme Court.

“After review, we will evaluate steps the University will need to take in light of the ruling,” the institution said in a statement.

Harris-Stowe State University had appealed a jury verdict awarding Beverly Wilkins $5 million – “including $3.5 million in punitive damages” – after her 2010 firing “because of her skin color”. Wilkins is white.

SJWs will continue to insist it is absolutely, totally, 100% impossible for persons of colour to engage in any discrimination meaningfully affecting whites. Morons.


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