Australian academics delve into the sinister world of sexual harassment:

We set out to build on the existing literature and find out just how common the different forms of objectifying experiences were in the lives of young Australian women. 

In collaboration with researchers from Australian Catholic University, we ran a study of 81 young women across metropolitan Melbourne.

The women in our study were instructed to install an app on their smartphones. The app was programmed to beep 10 times per day over a seven-day period. 

At each beep, participants indicated whether they had experienced an objectifying event, and the type of event they had encountered.

We found that women experienced objectification on average 3.69 times over the week, equating to more than once every two days

The “harassment” was mostly a matter of males looking at females:

The most common form [of harassment] was the objectifying gaze (making up 55 per cent of objectifying experiences).

With no definition provided, “objectifying gaze” is apparently more than a glance but less than a leer. Chronic complainer Clementine Ford, a Melbournian, is somehow immune to sexual harassment when out and about but does witness harassment of females:

Can’t control your child? Keep the little brat at home.

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