An opportunistic “wrestler” in the C-grade Kentucky Appalachian Mountain Wrestling federation is using Hillary Clinton to generate attention:

A Bernie-bashing brawler who heaps praise on Hillary Clinton while decked out in ‘Not My President’ t-shirts and tight spandex trunks has become the most hated man in professional wrestling.

Daniel Harnsberger, a 36-year-old real estate broker who puts people in headlocks in his spare time while working as an independent wrestler, has shot to fame by performing as Dan Richards, aka ‘The Progressive Liberal’.

To get into character for his performances, Harnsberger – who was profiled by Deadspin this week – pulls on his ring gear that usually consists of a pair of tights emblazoned with the Democratic donkey, black boots, kneepads, and a t-shirt covered with Hillary’s face.

Richards knows how to rile the locals:

He’s smug, condescending, calls Fox News ‘maggots’ and Donald Trump a ‘conman’, and closes his bouts with a ‘finishing move’ known as the ‘Liberal Agenda’. 

In a video posted online earlier this month by Appalachian Mountain Wrestling, the 36-year-old spouted the sort of comments usually made by paranoid right-wingers about alleged evil plans of the Democratic Party to ‘reprogram’ Americans.

‘I’m going to take care of all these people in Appalachian, Kentucky,’ the character said at the start of the video.

‘You people need to be reprogrammed, you continually vote against your own interest, you put people in congress – in the White House – that aren’t going to help you, that aren’t going to bring your jobs back.

As if Democrats have the slightest concern for downtrodden Americans.

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