Rather than celebrate the opportunities afforded her as a Muslim woman of colour, Yassmin Abdel-Magied again voices dissatisfaction with Australia, this time in a Guardian article, For Australia to prosper, free speech must be extended to all of us.

Sudan-born Abdel-Magied demands “disruption”, that is, destruction, of Australia’s “neoliberalism capitalist project”:

Disruption requires difference. Yet all too often when someone outside the establishment contributes to the discourse, they find themselves howled down and ruthlessly delegitimised. This happens not based on the strength of their ideas but on their gender, race, religion, sexuality, class or any other identity that sits outside the accepted norm. 

That is not good enough. It is hypocritical, and a complete waste of the talent that we have in this country. The discussion needs to be open to and driven by all Australians, not only ones who look the same or who occupy elite positions of power in society. How do we expect anyone to be less disillusioned if they are not welcome to even contribute to the conversation?

Abdel-Magied’s nonsensical indictment of imagined patriarchal forces “howling down” and “ruthlessly delegitimising” people on account of their “gender, race, religion, sexuality, class or any other identity” is straight from the neo-Marxist, post-modernist, the-neoliberalist-capitalist-project-is-evil-and-must-be-destroyed playbook.

Unlike lefties, conservatives credit ideas according to value, not according to the identity of their source. Abdel-Magied, however, values identity above all else:

My name is Yassmin Abdel-Magied and I have the blessing of associating with multiple identities.  First and foremost, I am a Muslim, Alhamdulillah.

The limited value of Abdel-Magied’s contribution to political discourse is further highlighted by the three books that provided her “interesting and valuable insights”:

YAM reading list

Reza Aslan, author of the first book on her list, has been thoroughly discredited as a liar and shameless down-player of Islam’s archaic grotesquery.

Rather than hinder her, Abdel-Magied’s identity as a moderately intelligent, reasonably well-spoken, Muslim, female of colour accounts for her status as a minor celebrity. She views the world through a Muslim lens, however, and has nothing of value to contribute to public discourse. She should takes Senator Abetz’s advice to “stop being a drain on the taxpayer and move to one of these Arab dictatorships that are so welcoming of women” rather than attempt to guilt Australians into adopting her regressive agenda.


  1. Yes we should really take heed of YAM’s big mouth and change our ways. Maybe we could become more like muslim majority countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. where the non muslim minority poulations have all the rights, privileges and freedoms that people like YAM do not enjoy here. LOL


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