CNN reports on a minor incident via Swedish affiliate Expressen TV:

Burning objects thrown at Swedish synagogue

Several people threw burning objects at a synagogue in the Swedish city of Gothenburg late Saturday, police said.

Police inspector Peter Nordengard said the fire department extinguished the flames from the objects, which did not cause the building to catch fire or cause any injuries.

Expressen TV actually reported that “several Molotov Cocktails have been thrown” at the synagogue:

Burning objects

And, “several people” turns out to be a masked group of around 20. More from the Mirror (UK):

A police spokesman said: “There are several molotov cocktails that have been thrown against the synagogue.

“It’s about bottles and gasoline. Now we are waiting for technicians and searching for perpetrators.”

CNN slanting news for its anti-Israel, and therefore anti-Jew, consumers.

Update: Muslims incessantly complain they are unfairly blamed for violence committed by a misguided radical fringe. Yet Scandinavian Jews simply living their lives are targeted as responsible for events in the Middle East:

Anti-Semitic slogans as well as angry protests against Arab leaders were heard as around 200 hundred people demonstrated in Malmö on Friday.

The demonstration took place in reaction to US president Donald Trump’s decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognise the latter city as the Israeli capital.

“We take this kind of thing seriously in general. It could be an incitement for people to commit crimes,” police communications officer Calle Persson told TT.

Demonstrators shouted “we want our freedom back and we’re going to shoot the Jews”, among other slogans, according to a report by Sveriges Radio.

Jews will only know peace when they renounce the oft-stated intention to establish worldwide religious dominance.

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