Queer feminist Clementine Ford provides a helpful synopsis of her upcoming book Boys Will Be Boys:

Men are trash.

Let’s flip that and contemplate the females who have: wasted time and money dragging a former partner through the court system; bogusly reported a partner to the police; initiated physical hostilities; falsely accused a male of sexual harassment; falsely accused a male of sexual assault; and attributed all of the supposed inequities of modern life to the machinations of the all-powerful patriarchy.

It would be absurd to characterise all females as evil based on selected examples of wrongdoing. It is even more of a stretch to characterise all men as “trash” based on no evidence whatsoever.

Update: although queer, Ford finds it advantageous to cohabit with “trash”:

Clementine lives in Melbourne with a very handsome and nice gentleman photographer.

It’s almost certain the “handsome and nice gentleman” possesses ovaries rather than testicles.

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