Click the link to listen to a short discussion (16 minutes) concerning adverse effects of Obama administration mandated changes to public school discipline policies. It’s relevant to Australia because schools are under ongoing pressure to reduce pupil suspensions: superior school management manifests, in part, in fewer suspensions.


  1. Many years ago, I was teaching in a small school in western NSW. The issues the town faced – low socio-economic, high unemployment, welfare dependency, etc – were reflected in the school, which had one of the highest suspension rates in the state at the time,
    I was on the school executive and the boss told us that the school had to reduce the suspension rate. It was a directive from district office. He wanted to know any ideas we could come up with.
    The usual ones were trotted out, which were different variations of an “in-school suspension” – the kid still comes to school, doesn’t go to normal classes and is effectively baby-sat.
    I put my hand up and said if we want to decrease the suspension rate, we should increase the expulsion rate. It wouldn’t be a huge number as it was the same group of kids causing most of the problems and it would send a powerful message to the school and the wider community.
    I got looked at like I was from another planet.


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