Taxpayers fund the ABC so it can attempt to pass off weak humour as political analysis:

ABC political analysis

Welcome to season three, episode one of Donald Trump’s America, the reality TV show that keeps on giving.

This year we may see a special spin-off series of The Biggest Loser amid detailed discussion about the President’s health and weight, and calls from the so-called ‘girther’ movement for a ‘live weigh-in’.

Welcome to America 2018.

The White House doctor’s effusive report that the President is in “excellent” shape has sparked plenty of questions (and memes) about his body mass index (BMI).

White House physician Dr Ronny Jackson is a US Navy Admiral who was appointed to his current role by Barack Obama in 2013.

He held an hour-long press conference in which he answered questions about the size of the President’s waist, his TV viewing habits and his penchant for McDonalds and Diet Coke.

It was unusual viewing to say the least.

Dr Jackson was actually appointed White House physician in 2006, Obama appointing him Physician to the President in 2013. It was unusual viewing because President Trump instructed Jackson to be totally forthcoming.

How is the President so fit?


The actual exchange:

Reporter: Can you explain how a guy who eats McDonalds and fired chicken and all those diet Cokes and never exercises is in as good a shape as you say he’s in?

Dr Jackson: Genetics.

This mirrors my GP’s amazement at finding out during a physical I’d smoked for 50 years. His response: genetics.

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