(UPDATED) A momentous November 2017 announcement from anti-Israel, anti-capitalism, atheist Jew Antony Loewenstein:

After 6+ years in the making, my film, Disaster Capitalism, is finished. Working with director Thor Neureiter, co-producers Media Stockade and co-editor Leah Donovan, it’s been the most challenging creative project of my life. But here we are with a fine film.

The documentary is set to be an international sensation:

In 2018, the film will be screened around the world, at film festivals, public screenings and TV broadcast (our French/US distributor has already secured a sale with a European TV broadcaster).

Kickstarter funders will be delighted to see their contributions finally bearing fruit:

Thor [Neureiter, director] and Antony are determined to have a feature length documentary, of one hour, in early 2014, so we can aim for TV or cinema broadcast and distribution and film festival screenings around the world.

Enticements were offered, those contributing $2,500 or more promised:

How can we ever thank you enough? We’ll give you an Co-Producing credit and VIP invite to the opening night premiere in New York (transport/accommodation not provided but it’ll be glittering).

Yeah, there’ll be a red carpet and an endless parade of A-list celebrities at the Merewether Bowling Club premier. A subsequent appeal, without the undeliverable promises, raised only $7,135 of the $350,000 goal.

There seems to be nothing online concerning screenings, Screen Australia showing neither sales nor releases.

Whereas it’s possible Disaster Capitalism might prove successful, it seems highly unlikely. Loewenstein might therefore consider applying his finely-honed investigative skills to a non-journalist job more suited to his abilities: “May I take your order, please?”

Update: Two minutes – much less 72 – of Loewenstein’s passionless adenoidal drone is more than enough:

Tim Blair observes: “One reason why Pilger’s stupid films were so seductive (to lefties) was his voice as narrator: deep, convincing, full of authority. Loewy’s voice is high and immature. He sounds like a boy shooting a high school project.”


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