Feminist Nina Funnell , whose only claim to fame is an alleged attempted sexual assault, pleads for her career-enhancing women-are-helpless-victims inclusion in the upcoming ABC #MeToo Q&A panel:

The ABC’s Waterstreet choice is very scary indeed:

Both Tina Huang and Genevieve Wilks say they are appalled by the ABC’s decision to invite Waterstreet on.

“My first response to hearing that Charles Waterstreet was to be on Q & A was one of fear” said Wilks.

Fear of what, that Waterstreet, a “man who stands accused of sexually harassing young female employees”, might assault Wilks’s ears with sentiments she doesn’t want to hear?

Funnell elaborates on the need to include her on the program:

But shouldn’t sexual assault survivors be on the panel, rather than watching it? And shouldn’t women be leading the conversation, while men sit in the audience, where they might listen and learn?

Funnell isn’t a “sexual assault survivor”, she’s the “survivor” of an alleged sexual assault attempt.

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