The first Australians, often referred to in the scientific literature as “migrants” rather than indigenous, are perpetually praised for living in harmony with nature. Yet they irrevocably altered the Australian environment, thereby contributing to the extinction of megafauna through their use of fire:

Thus, by burning forests, Aboriginals altered the local climate, effectively extending the dry season and delaying the start of the monsoon season.

For some Aboriginals, fire remains the tool of choice for altering Australia:

F— Australia, hope it f—–g burns to the ground,” Invasion Day organiser Tarneen Onus-Williams said. “If you celebrate Australia Day, f—er, you’re celebrating the death of my ancestors.

“All you fellas with the Australian flag should be so embarrassed with yourself, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing that you celebrate people’s deaths, the people of this land’s death. You make me sick to my stomach.”

National Indigenous TV (NITV), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), wholly owned by the Commonwealth Government, reports on the response to government-funded Aboriginal extremist Tarneen Onus-Williams’s incendiary views:

Support has poured in for young Aboriginal activist, Tarneen Onus-Williams, after she was attacked over the weekend because of her comments calling for Australia to be burnt to the ground.

Ms Onus-Williams came under fire after her impassioned speech on January 26, in which she said she hoped Australia would ‘burn to the ground’, left many conservatives outraged

Calls for the 24-year-old to be stood down from her role with a government-funded body have been met with anger, and since turned into an outpouring of support online. 

A distressed Ms Onus-Williams told NITV News the events of the last few days had taken a toll.

“I’m very overwhelmed,” she said. 

As a response, many prominent Australians have taken to Twitter to show their solidarity with the young activist by using the hashtag #IStandWithTarneen, which has been trending on the social media platform since Tuesday afternoon. 

The “many prominent Australians” supporting Ms Onus-Williams are not really prominent at all:

Indigenous newspaper, Koori Mail, said they stand with Ms Onus-Williams ‘because the voices of Black women need to be heard, not silenced,’ and feminist Clementine Ford said free speech is ‘extremely selective’ when it comes to racists, homophobes, transphobes and misogynists.

It’s now time to play the victim card:

Speaking at the front of Parliament House on January 26, Ms Onus-Williams told the 60,000-strong crowd attending the Invasion Day rally in Melbourne, “We have not organised this to change the date. We have organised this to abolish Australia Day because f**ck Australia … I hope it f**king burns to the ground.” 

Ms Onus-Williams says she has since faced a harsh backlash and racist taunts and reported that she believes someone had even attempted to hack her Twitter account.  

“It’s crazy how much racism and white supremacy has come out over my comment,” she said.  

“It just confirms why organisations or groups like WAR [Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance] are so important to Aboriginal people in a country where we are silenced,” she said. 

“It speaks to why we need our grassroots movements, that are not funded by [the] government.” 

Silenced? Onus-Williams’ remarks are in fact getting wide coverage. Blame for the backlash is then laid on conservatives, as exemplified by former ALP president Aboriginal Warren Mundine:

Conservative calls to get her fired

Upon hearing about Ms Onus-Williams’speech, former ALP President Warren Mundine called on political leaders to defund the stated-funded Koorie Youth Council, where Ms Onus-Williams is a volunteer.

Mr Mundine said her comments, and those of youth collective WAR, were an insult to all Australians. 

“I support moving Australia Day to 1 January. But this lot says ‘we don’t want to celebrate Australia Day at all.’ They’re ashamed of Australia,” he said on Linkedin. 

The NITV piece, penned by political correspondent Nakari Thorpe fails to quote or link to the WAR statement:

Fuck your white supremacy, your patriarchy and your capitalism.
Fuck your flag, your anthem and your precious national day.
WAR will not rest until we burn this entire rotten settler colony called Australia, illegally and violently imposed on stolen Aboriginal land at the expense of the blood of countless thousands, to the fucking ground, until every corrupt and illegal institution of white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist settler colonial power forced upon us is no more. We will not rest until we build a society that cares for and honours the Earth, our mother, that respects the interconnectedness of all beings, that is founded on our sovereignty and responsibility to this country and the people who live on it, and that offers a place of safety and prosperity for our people and for all those oppressed and excluded by the current systems of power – refugees, people of colour, LGBTQIA people, poor people, disabled people.

Further misrepresentation:

While millions of Australians celebrated the landing of the First Fleet in 1788 on Friday, tens of thousands mobilised in capital cities to protest the date of January 26.

Australia Day occurs on the anniversary of the First Fleet’s landing but is not a celebration of the arrival of white settlers, it’s a celebration of Australia and Australians no matter their background.

Taxpayers fund such leftist propaganda because … ?

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