The promised “glittering” New York premiere of adenoidal Antony Loewenstein’s Disaster Capitalism documentary is set instead for debut at Sydney’s 130 seat Metcalfe Auditorium. Admission is free, The Walkley Foundation, which “exists to promote and foster excellence in journalism and storytelling” and the State Library of New South Wales, picking up the tab.

Loewenstein recently spruiked the film on ABC Radio Australia’s Pacific Mornings program – broadcast exclusively to the Pacific region – in the course of the interview seriously contradicting previous grandiose hopes for the documentary:

“We’re planning on doing screenings in PNG, Afghanistan and Haiti in the coming period. Of course that’s logistically difficult but our big plan has always been to bring this film back to the population.”

Director and principal photographer Thor Neuriter has long since lost interest in the ill-fated project, last mentioning the film prior to a bid – unsuccessful – to secure further funding in March 2016.

Relentless self-promoter Loewenstein asserted in late 2017 a six plus year gestation for the film but now claims over 10 years of research. His delusions of grandeur no doubt fuelled by various media sites’ willingness to publish his bullshit, a  28 January book review being his most recent media foray.


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