The ABC exposes a shocking tale of student abuse:

A New South Wales high school student says she felt “disgraced” after her principal lectured female pupils on coloured bras and short skirts, following remarks about sexual harassment and violence.

More information, please.

“Every girl was called out of class down to the quad to talk and our principal Ms Jones was saying about how our skirts were too short and how our bras through our shirts were noticeable, and that was distracting males,” said the student.

I was disgraced, I was embarrassed that my school would even think of saying these sort of things to girls.”

“This is a place where I am supposed to feel safe and comfortable but I honestly don’t after what she said.”

This poor “disgraced” and “embarrassed” girl feels unsafe and uncomfortable because her female principal pointed out the obvious: many high school girls do seek to provoke attention through short skirts, visible lingerie and unfastened buttons.

A parent justifies skirt shortening.

The parent said a number of girls at the school, including her daughter, roll their skirts at the waist due to the shape and sizing.

No matter that the youngster’s skirt was so short her earlobes were hanging out.

One thought on “SHORT STORY

  1. As a young male new to teaching high school I found that teenage girls [age range 14 and up] made a great effort to display their ‘assets’ to male students, but also me and other young male teachers, in ways that left little to the imagination. Frankly they were dangerous and I had occasionally to seek the support of the Senior Mistress to tear the innocent and virginal darlings apart so I could teach without being ‘flashed’. And then there were the surreptitious ‘hand-jobs’ given by these same ‘treasures’ under the desk to their male peers. Me thinks the student and parent in the story protests too much.


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