A local reacts to yet another apparent gang-related gun murder on the streets of Malmo, Sweden:

I don’t know what’s happening in Sweden today,” one woman told the newspaper. “When I moved here in 1988 it was so calm, peaceful  and delightful. Now you just want to get away — but where should one go?”

A lack of police resources is popularly thought to account for the upsurge in crime but experts are unconvinced and also stumped.

“One possible reason is the problems facing the Swedish police at the moment. They feel like they lack the resources to do their job properly, and they struggle to investigate homicides and shootings, so there’s even less time to spend on things like burglaries and other more common crimes,” explained Gerell.

“So that’s one plausible explanation, but this can’t explain the whole change. There’s likely something else but I wouldn’t know what that is.”

This could be one of those “can’t see the forest for the trees” situations.

Sweden refugees

Swedes realise they’ve made a huge mistake in welcoming such numbers.

Sweden poll

Correlation is not causation but Swedes are unwilling to publicly acknowledge they’ve certainly fucked up; to do so would be to admit their utopian delusions are just that.

It’s an obvious example of Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome:

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