Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is touring Canada for a series of town hall meetings. The obviously none-too-bright lefty must be regretting taking questions in public.

The Toronto Sun provides a video summary of the gaffe-orama. Here’s the context for non-Canadians:

  • The first gaffe is a self-explanatory example of SJW femi-splaining.
  • The second relates to Canada welcoming back former ISIS fighters with a view to rehabilitating them so they can provide “powerful” voices against radicalisation in Canada, an outcome Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale deems “pretty remote.”
  • The third has to do with disabled veterans fighting changes to pension entitlements. (Many Canadians are rightly miffed that their government repatriated and awarded former Gitmo detainee Omar Khadr, alleged to have killed a U.S. soldier and maimed another in Afghanistan, Can$10.5 million in compensation.)

The video is here.

Update: More from Rita Panahi:


2 thoughts on “RETARD ROADSHOW

  1. And all the lefties in the world clamor “How the hell did Donald Trump become president”?
    My question is this “How the hell did Justin become Prime Minister of a great country like Canada”?
    Given the two men I know which one I prefer.


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