Newly discovered singing sensation Mennel Ibtissem would be an up and coming star except for her social media presence:

French media reported that in a post about the attack in Nice, in which 86 people were killed on Bastille Day, she said: “It has become a routine, one attack a week!

“And to always remain faithful the ‘terrorist’ took his identity papers with him. It’s true that, when you’re planning a dirty move, you don’t forget to take your papers.”

The message reportedly included the hashtag “#PrenezNousPourDesCons”, meaning “take us for idiots”.

The driver of the lorry was identified as a 31-year-old Tunisian man.

Weeks later, after men burst into a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray killing an elderly priest, she said: “The real terrorist is our government.”

Mennel Ibtissem

Ibtissem comments were, of course, taken out of context:

After the posts emerged, Ms Ibtissem apologised, saying she “obviously condemned terrorism”. But on Friday, she announced she was leaving [France’s The Voice].

In a video posted on Facebook in English she said: “I’ve never meant to hurt anyone and the idea that I would do it on purpose pains me a lot.

“[I’ll] keep spreading my message of peace and tolerance, far from all types of fanaticism.”

Muslims would never hurt anyone on purpose.

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