Transgender prostitute CJ Palmer – “she” remains equipped with a penis – has been sentenced to six years prison for engaging in sex and transmitting HIV to a male client even though “she” was aware this might occur. Palmer will likely be held in a male prison, which is fair enough because “she” is actually a man.

Palmer’s lawyer expressed concern at the “inappropriate” conditions of confinement:

Mr Freitag said because she was in the crisis care unit, Palmer was initially not even allowed to have shampoo or a razor because of the suicide risk they posed.

But he said a “worse” issue, which was ongoing, was her not being given access to hormone therapy treatment.

“That is of great concern to her because being transgender is not a choice she made, it is who she is and the medication is an important part of her treatment regime.”

Mr Frietag said Palmer also was not provided with the correct underwear, cosmetics or female deodorant and was being searched by male guards, which he said was “inappropriate”.

Shemale specific underwear, cosmetics and deodorant? Niche markets, obviously.

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