Imagine you’re a woman who prefers a short, mannish hairstyle. Needing a tidy-up, you go to a barbershop which declines to service you because their lease prohibits cutting women’s hair so as to not disadvantage several women’s hairdressers in the same shopping centre. You acknowledge that this makes perfect sense and depart.

Then there’s the knickers-knotted Social Justice Warrior reaction:

A woman has lodged a complaint with the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission after a Brisbane barber shop refused to cut her hair because of her gender.

But the shop owner says his “hands are tied”, because of a lease agreement which prevents his business from competing against women’s salons in the same shopping centre.

Vivien Houston, 33, was recently denied service at Jimmy Rod’s Barber Shop in The Gap Village Shopping Centre.

“I walked in and one of the barbers at the shop stopped me and I thought she was going to say they had too many people in line and wouldn’t be able to fit me in before closing, but she actually said I can’t serve you because you’re a woman,” Ms Houston said.

“I thought she was kidding. She said ‘No, we signed a lease with centre management that says we’re not able to cut women’s hair’ and the reason for that is that they don’t want Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop to cause competing business for the hair dressing salons in the centre.”

Vivien Houston

Ms Houston went to a barber because she lacks confidence in hairstylists who cater to women:

“I want to use a barber shop, because that’s the style of haircut I have.

“If we allow people to apply discrimination, even in the most smallest sense such as getting your haircut which seems trivial, we essentially breed more discrimination.”

She has also asked the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission to investigate the obviously sexist discontinuation of her haircare product of choice.


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