As previously noted, penis-equipped transgender female prostitute C.J. Palmer “has been sentenced to six years prison for engaging in sex and transmitting HIV to a male client even though ‘she’ was aware this might occur. Palmer will likely be held in a male prison, which is fair enough because ‘she’ is actually a man.”

Even though factually correct, Perth teacher Melanie Kennedy faces disciplinary action for the following online comment:

“At least they put him where he belongs…in a male prison. That is what he is!!!”

An indignant biology-denier commenting on the Pickering Brook Primary School Facebook page:

“Melanie Kennedy is a teacher at this school and actively spreading uneducated bile on Facebook,” they wrote.

“Shame you would think someone that is a teacher would be well educated and not a mud flinging neanderthal stirring up hatred for minorities.

“She should not be in a position to mould innocent minds.”

Yep, Australia definitely needs more SJW teachers warping young minds.

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